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Dear Mira, about the body in tension and paralyzed mind I have been feeling so much.
For very long time, I just can not use my mind. It’s just like a machine without any oil nourishing it. Sometime it is out of control, full of busy thoughts, sometime it just stops any running. Very very little time it can work some normally.
When I like to use it, it just stops or in great disorder. When things happen, I just obey other’s opinion, especially Sandesh’s idea, or react with emotional habit, anger or complaint.
Once I have talked about this state of mind, I don’t know the difference of emptiness and idiot. Sandesh said that my mind is the latter one. I’m in great trouble of it.
The fresh memory is in Xiamen. I am in depressive and tensive state. When I go out to buy something or to do something, I just feel there’s a very hard rock filled the heart. So I just can not breathe normally, I can not think. I don’t like to talk with others. I just act like a machine. And recently I have so much fear coming out, which caused in the childhood. My families just forbid me to do anything except studying. So when I do things other than studying, I just do them secretly and in high tension. And I ‘m not permitted to be myself, everything of myself is decided by them. I feel I’m unvalued, all my thoughts, all my efforts. I feel that everything that I do is wrong. In this state of tension and fear, I can feel the heart, the throat is choked, my mind just can not run, and my feeling of the environment also just close too.
The new experience comes after when we moved here. I can have longer time to walk in the quiet road, need not to think too much, have time to listen to the whistling of insects. It helps me to calm down. And for the first time, the mind comes into a better state of running.
I more have my ideas and have more relaxation. The relaxation is so much important, making my body-mind softer and more enjoyment and more power out, and I have more share to others.
But how to transcend the fear that has been accompanying with me nearly all my life? Before, I rely on the way of throwing out in Gibberish and Dynamic, and I also use the way of digging the field to open the closed heart chakra. but I know it’s only some help, but not the ultimate way. The only way is more and more awareness and deep understanding, more finding out my inner sound.
Your mind is a beautiful machine. Your mind even is a mind what can gain a deeper understanding and is capable of good education results. With your mind is nothing wrong.
Your emotions give the wrong food to the mind. Your emotions will let you start thinking and thinking in circles. Your fear will drive you into a craziness.
Fashion in the world now is to analyse what happened in youth and give that as a reason for your situation now. Your parents were sick, the society was sick and this is the reason for your sickness. It is a small part of truth but not the part that is helpfull to create your own happy life. This type of psychologie gives you a feeling that it is not your responsibility and I never saw anybody getting cured by it. Western psychologie has not any answers to psychological problems because it lacks a view of the root of psychological problems. Western psychologie has not any clue. I truly hope that the East will stop to copy western fashions, same as they copy Mc Donalds or all our environmental problems. A clue for a better world is meditation and a simple life style.
For transcending your habit you have to find out your own habits. So next time when your energy blocks do not try to understand, do not try to find reasons, only watch in that moment what happens.
When people are relaxed psychological diseases do not exist. The psychological problem comes out when people are in tension. Provoced by tension the mind will go into craziness. The type of craziness the mind will go into that is your own. It can be agression towards other or yourself, it can be crazy imaginations. The moment it goes into craziness is also your own moment. You can watch your type and your moment. You can watch the reactions in your body and correct them by keeping your hara inside. If your hara is inside, your mind is unable to go crazy. You can behave crazy but your mind will not be crazy. It will be peacefull and full of trust.
We call psychological problems, problems of the mind. This is not realy true. What happens is that you lost your connections with your life energy, your Buddha, your soul. Without food from your life energy the mind cannot function healthy it will be feed with the emotion of utmost fear. It goes into dreaming, fantasizing, into depressions, into maniacal.
This all has nothing to do with the quality of your mind. The highest genius can go into craziness. History has examples enough of this.
With Love
Dear Maneesha,
The way you grow up in your youth has influence on how you are as an adult. The longer children can grow up in an relaxed and loving environment the easier it will be for them to keep connection with their life energy. Children what grow up in a stressful environment with almost no possibilities to jump into their own enjoyment, their own intelligence those children will easier have psychological problems.
Nobody needs to be ashamed for psychological problems. The whole humanity is full with these problems. It would already be a help if there would be more awareness that this problem is growing bigger and bigger in humanity.
Meditation exercises help and being a lot in the nature together with the nature. Accepting the way you grow up and accepting life as it is.
For growing an healthier humanity the way Greencommune proposes helps. You need to normalize again what is brought out of balance in your youth. False fears, false teachings, false truths. Slowly your own Buddha will appear for you. The children we can keep longer authentic to their own nature so they grow up to strong adults.
Dear Mira
you say 'So next time when your energy blocks do not try to understand, do not try to find reasons, only watch in that moment what happens. ' Ok, I'll just try it.
Your energy block then some moment later automatic your mind will come and try to understand....in that moment you need to learn to just put your hara inside. Now watching can happen.
Watching and understanding are different things.
The mind need to learn how to accept that. By watching understanding grows but they are not the same.
Try and accept that you cannot immediatly do it.....mind will come again.
Do not feel defeated. One day you will be master of your mind and it will not run away with you!
With love
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