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[资料方法] 《终极自由之路》04.幸福在哪里

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I'll start with that which we're all interested in, allright? The word that I like best for our subject is Happiness. When we analyzethat which everyone is seeking or looking for, it is happiness, right? And whenyou find God, your Self, that turns out to be the ultimate happiness. When weseek and find the full truth, the absolute truth, again that turns out to bethe Ultimate happiness. We're all seeking the greatest good for ourselves. Theultimate good turns out to be the ultimate happiness. Every being is seekingfreedom and the complete freedom or liberation is nothing but the ultimatehappiness.
So in the end the words God, good, truth, liberation,freedom, Self turn out to be the ultimate happiness. And every one is seekingthis Good, Happiness, Liberation. Truth, God, Self. There isn't anyone who'snot seeking It. The only difference between us and others is that we'reconsciously seeking It in the direction where It is. The others are seeking Itblindly through seeking happiness in the world and never really getting thefull happiness that they're striving for. We go after it directly. We seek forit where it is. We seek it within.
Everyone wants a continuous, constant, eternal happinesswith no sorrow whatsoever, and no one is ever satisfied until he or she findsthat. Everyone is seeking what we're all seeking, the major difference beingthat they are seeking It in the world and are frustrated, while we are seekingIt within and are successfully becoming happier.
When we go within we discover that all happiness is there.The only place where we can feel happiness is right within ourselves. That isexactly where it is. Every time we attribute this happiness to somethingexternal, to a person or a thing external, we get more pain with it than we dopleasure. Anyone disagree with that? If you have experienced enough, if you'velived long enough, and if you've examined it, you've discovered this. Thehappiness that we're seeking and thinking is out there external to us, isn'tthere. The happiness with no sorrow can only be found by going within. Pointnumber one.
Now point number two is that this great Happiness thatwe're seeking is nothing but our very own Self I our very own beingness. Ourmost basic inherent nature is this thing that we are seeking and is ours, hereand now. We are that happiness that we are seeking, looking for it externallyand not finding it there. Looking within, we discover it to be our very ownSelf unencumbered with our self-imposed limitations.
There is not one of us who is not in direct touch with, inpossession of, an infinite Beingness that's all perfect, all present, alljoyous and eternal. There is not one of us who is not in direct contact withThat right now! But due to wrong learning, by assuming, over the ages, conceptsof limitation, by looking outwardly, we have beclouded the view. We havecovered over this infinite Being that we are with concepts of I am thisphysical body, I am this mind. With this physical body and mind I have heapsand heaps of problems and troubles. So, in order to discover this truth, thisunlimited Being that we are, we must quiet the mind, and finally let go of themind. And only in this way may we achieve it.
The mind is nothing but the sum-total of all thoughts. Allthoughts are concepts of limitation. If anyone of us could stop thinking rightnow and remain that way, he would be an unlimited Being from this moment on. Itis really that simple, though not necessarily easy of accomplishment.
The job is to first undo negative thinking in order to getpositive enough so that we may go in the right direction. Then, to drop allthinking, drop all negative and all positive thinking. When that happens wediscover that we are in the realm of knowingness, of omniscience, we have noneed to think as everything is known and we are all joyous and totally free.Knowing everything, there's nothing to think about!
Thinking is just relating things to other things,connecting things together. Knowing everything, we know the unity, the onenessand there's no necessity for relating things by thought.
There by we are free, free of all concepts of separationand limitation. This leaves us free to use a mind should we want to communicatewith the apparency of the world.
The process of going within is a process of looking withinand discovering what the mind is, discovering that the mind is nothing butthoughts and the thoughts are nothing but numerous concepts of limitation. Wequiet the mind by letting go of these thoughts until the mind gets quiet enoughso that we see this infinite Being that we are. This takes away the mist, theclouds covering this infinite Being, and leaves us totally free.
When we first see this infinite Being that we are, the jobisnt finished yet; we still have the remaining habits of thought to do awaywith. Then, when there's no more remaining thought, subconscious and conscious,(and the subconscious thoughts are the difficult ones to let go of,) when thereare no more thoughts, that's the end of the road of playing limited. Then 'weare totally free, forever!
Actually we have no choice, we are infinite Beings. Ifthere is a choice, it can only be to choose to be limited! We have chosen to belimited to such a degree that now we are b1indly behaving as though we areextremely limited beings, consequently, all the apparent troubles.
Troubles are only an apparency because they are assumed asreal through our mind. Everything we see in the world, we see only in our mind.There's nothing but our consciousness; nothing can be seen except through ourconsciousness. Whatever we see is in our consciousness, in our mind. When onebegins to realize this, then one works to change one's consciousness and by sodoing, one changes his environment.
Changing one's environment is a step on the way. Doing soyou have the proof, you understand what I'm saying. Nothing should ever beaccepted on hearsay. Never believe anything you hear. If you accept what I sayto you just by listening to it, it's only hearsay. You must prove everythingfor yourself. Then, when you do, it's your knowledge and it's useable. Toprogress in the direction of wisdom and happiness, it's absolutely necessarythat everyone proves it out for himself.
As said above, Truth can never be found in the world. Theworld as we see it now is multiplex, dual. When we go just behind the world, wediscover the absolute Truth, that there's a singular Oneness throughout theworld and universe and it turns out to be our very own Self, our very ownBeingness, which some call God. The world is, but not as people see it. Theworld is truly only our very own Self. The I that we use when we say I am isthe exact same I falsely appearing separate and divided. When we see the Truthwe see that you are me, that there is only one Beingness, there is only oneConsciousness, and that we are the sum-total of all the Beingness orConsciousness that formerly appeared separate.
So, again, to find Truth or Happiness, you have to gowithin, you have to see the Oneness, you have to see the universe as it reallyis, as nothing but your consciousness, which is nothing but your Self.. Nowthis is difficult to describe, it's something that must be experienced. Onlywhen someone experiences it, does one know. It cannot be picked up fromlistening to anyone. Books and teacher s can only point the direction, we musttake it. That's one of the nice things about the path. There's nothing to bebelieved, everything must be experienced and proved by each one to his ownsatisfaction before it's accepted.
To sum it up, I can take two quotes from the Bible: I am thatI am, and, Be still and know that I am God. Or, in other words, thou art Thatwhich thou art seeking, quiet the mind until you see It. O.K.? Now we may gointo questions.
总而言之,我可以从圣经中引用两处:“我是我所是(I am that I am)” 和 “静下来就会知道我是上帝(Be still and know that I am God.)”,或者,用另外的话来说,你就是你正在寻找的,静下心来直到你明白它。
Q: I come upon a difference, -these people, all of us inthis room, each of us have a form and I see it.
Lester: You're seeing wrongly. You're seeing in error. Whenyou look at me, you should see the Truth, you should see your Self. Striveuntil that day in which you will see this Truth.
Q: After one has a certain amount of inner experience and beginsto believe, there still comes an important decision as to what to do withyourself as you find yourself at that point. And then you have to decide whatto do with the rest of your life.
Lester: Yes. You must decide whether to pursue your welfareby seeking it in the world or by seeking it within you.
Q: You've had a certain amount of experience but you willalways be called back to a certain contact with the outer world unless...
Lester: Unless you make the outer world you. However, benot attached to the world and it cannot disturb you. Then you may carry on withequanimity.
Q: In order to make the outer world me, I would think Ihave to self-purify myself.
Lester: Yes. Practicing serving the world will purify you.
Q: I would have to almost go out and sacrifice what remainsof myself in some kind of service.
Lester: The only thing you will ever sacrifice in thisdirection is your misery. Rendering service would give only happiness, to thedegree your heart is in it. The more you willingly serve the world, the moreyou discover that you are related to everything and everyone. There is noisolation. It is serving and becoming the All that should be our direction. Youdon't cut out and let others be separate from you. You become them through thepractice of serving them.
Q: The only reason I would make an effort in this directionis so I could better help other people.
Lester: Good, but you can't help other people any more thanyou can help yourself. So, the best way to help others is to help yourself.It's automatically so, that you'll help others to the degree that you'll helpyourself. Do both.
Q: So help yourself by helping others? Isn't it a two wayaction?
Lester: Yes. However, it's the motive that counts. If I'mhelping you with selfish motives, it doesn't help me or you. If I help only tohelp you, I grow. But there are many people in the world who help for their ownego-glorification and it doesn't help them any, nor does it help you, becausethey then help you ego-wise, i.e., they help validate your ego.
Q: That's a very subtle thing, a very difficult thing toget rid of, that ego.
Lester: Right. When there's no more ego, the only thingleft is the infinite Being that you are. Ego is the sense of separation fromthe All. 1 am an individual, Lester:, and I am separate from the All, and allyou people are other than I, that is the sense of ego, separateness. The momentI'm not the All, I lack something and then I try to get it back. I think I needthe missing parts of the All and I start trying to get them. Thus I assume Idon't have the All, I am limited, and this starts a downward spiral and we continueuntil we get where we are. However, we're all on the way up, now. And the bigproblem is to get rid of our ego, the sense that I am an individual separatefrom everything. We can do this by looking at our motivations. When ourmotivation is selfish, we change it, make it altruistic; we act for othersrather than for ourselves, and in this way we grow.
Q: Is growth a constant becoming aware?
Lester: Yes. You must first want to. When you want to, thenyou do become aware of your thinking. Then you become aware of yournon-thinking which shows up as periods of peace and well-being.
Q: Like trying to find out, for instance, why one feelsthings or why one is sick like these past two years of illness for me. It'stremendous, Lester:. Even this morning when I was talking to my sister on thetelephone, after speaking to her I kept thinking, Why? Why? Why? and I tried tobe still, as still as I could possibly be, and all of a sudden, a realizationof the why I had been so negative came to me with such tremendous clarity. AndI thought of you so intensely and I thought, Well, this is what Lester:possibly means. It's finding out the why, and when one sees it, one immediatelyturns it into something positive and one is released.
问:就象努力去探询,比如为什么人能感觉到事物或为什么一个人象我这样过去两年生病。真是很棒,莱斯特。甚至这个早晨当我正在 跟我的姐妹在电话上交谈时,和她通话完后,我一直保持着想为什么?为什么?为什么?然后我试着安静下来,尽我所能的安静下来,突然,我清晰的领悟到为什么我让自己发生这么多糟糕的事。然后我非常强烈地想到了你,我想,好,这可能就是莱斯特所说的意思。发现为什么,然后当你明白这点,你就立刻能把它转到积极面并且你被释放了。
Lester: Right, very good. Keep that up until there is nomore.
Q: That's what you always meant about making thesubconscious thought conscious and then letting go of it.
Lester: Yes. Pulling the subconscious thought up intoconsciousness and when it's there, you'll see it and naturally let go of itbecause of its negativity. But as long as it remains unconscious, you don't seeit and can't do anything about it, can you?
Q: No. And tremendous things come up when one begins. Wow!Alligators! It's not easy.
Lester: Ego-wise you don't like what comes up and you tendto fight it.
Q: Many times I go along on an even keel and then somethingcomes up in personal relationships or from other directions, and all of asudden you feel a severe pain, and then you realize that anytime you feel pain,you're showing your own limitation, and you step back, look at it, and releaseyourself from the whole situation.
Lester: Yes, every situation can be used for growth byobserving what's going on, the way you do. Do this all the time, until there isno more needed to be let go of, until there is no more ego.
Q: Creative work, for instance, has the ego involved inthat, too. It's very subtle. And the more one sees spiritually, the more one isable to paint a picture, or make music, or whatever one does, -this is a pointthat has always bothered me, the ego-involvement in this. It has worried me,how can one channel it, commercialize it, sell something?
Lester: The answer is simple: Commercialize it but be notattached to this creativeness.
Q: Difficult, it's the ego saying, I am the creator.
Lester: It doesn't matter what you do, be not attached toit. Let go of the sense of I am the creator. Let the creativeness flow throughyou.
Q: I would think that in almost any creative act there hasto be a spiritual part, the stem of it is basically some pure motivation, butit's almost always mixed with ego.
Lester: Let me clear up one thing, everything you do iscreative, it's impossible to do anything that's not creative. That's becausethe mind is only creative, but when we create things we don't like, we call itnon-creative and destructive. When we create things we like, we call thatcreative and constructive. But the mind only creates. Everyone is a creator.What we hold in mind, we create.
Q: So all this ego of ours is our own creation?
Lester: Right. It's better to create constructive thingslike beauty, health, affluence as they do not demand as much attention from usas a sick body or a sick pocket- book. Consequently we have more time and easeto look in the direction of Truth and to discover our Self.
Q: Sometimes I think that one thinks too much of the egoand then the ego grows, and you want to fight it more and you give it moreimportance.
Lester: Yes. But it's too well grown right now, far morethan you can see, in the unconscious part of your mind. Mind is nothing but thesum-total collection of all thoughts. The unconscious part of the mind isholding all the thoughts that we are not looking at this moment. But thosehundreds of thousands of thoughts are there, and they're active. Unconsciouslyyou're operating that body; you're operating every cell. You're working achemical plant, a circulatory, a cooling and a heating system, all these thoughtsare active and are actively operating your body. Also there are thousands ofthoughts of wanting things and not wanting things, likes and dislikes. But evenif they're unconscious, they're active; whether we look at them or not, theyare still active and they are sustained and motivated by our ego. This is thedifficult part for us, to make these ego-motivated thoughts conscious so thatwe may let go of them. However, someday we reach a place where we will not bethat ego-mind. When we see that 1 am not that mind, I am not that body, I amnot that ego, then we'll really see, and when we really see we are not that,it's possible to drop that ego-mind-body, once and for all.
Q: Because one has re-become what one is?
Lester: Not re-become, one has re-remembered,re-discovered, re-recognized what he always was.
Q: So the ego-thing falls off like a crust.
Lester: Right, gone forever. Now that's what we doeventually. At first, we work at dropping the ego until we get enough attentionfree so that we can seek who and what we are. Then, when we see who and what weare, we say, This is ridiculous, and we don't identify with the ego-mind-bodyany more. Then we watch the body go through life like we now watch every otherbody.
You watch it and you know that the body is not you. You'rereally above that body, you're not limited nor bound by it. You know you areeternal, whole, perfect and free, and you let the body go its way, like apuppet.
Q: And then you use the body for whatever you like, if youwant to, or if not, the show just goes on.
Lester: Yes. You let the show go on. It's a show that youwrote called Bodies Playing Limited. However, you are free to choose to use thebody to communicate with others, to help them grow.
Q: Isn't everything we see, a piece of wood, a potato chip,part of that eternal Truth?
Lester: Yes, but you have to see it as nothing but you,then you see the truth of it. The world doesn't disappear, our perception of itchanges, completely. Instead of the world being other than we, it becomes us,or we become it. When you see the world as you, it will look entirely differentfrom what it looked like when it appeared separate. You will love and identifywith it and everyone in it.
When you fully love someone, you identify with and youbecome one with that one. When you become the universe you love the universe,or, if you fully love the universe, you become the universe. Love is absolutelynecessary. When we love totally, we totally identify with the grand andglorious infinite Being that we are!

When you see the world as you, it will look entirelydifferent from what it looked like when it appeared separate. You will love andidentify with it and everyone in it.
When you fully love someone, you identify with and youbecome one with that one. When you become the universe you love the universe,or, if you fully love the universe, you become the universe. Love is absolutelynecessary. When we love totally, we totally identify with the grand andglorious infinite Being that we are!
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