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  1 What is Fruitarianism.
  A fruitarian - A person who eats fruit and only fruit.
  Fruit - What we in Fruitarian Universal Network (FUN) mean by fruit is all the sweet fruits such as mangos, bananas, melons, oranges, etc., all kinds of berries, and the vegetable fruits such as tomato, cucumber, olives, etc.
  http://www.fruitarian.com/ and dried fruits such as nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, chestnuts, etc.. And seeds including sprouted seeds.
  2 Why Become a Fruitarian?

  Your body is your TEMPLE. Your higher aspect, your SOUL, is happiest in a clean and harmonic body, free from disease. We in FUN claim that if the world shall survive we must detoxify it. But where do we start? With ourselves, of course. A clean world comes from clean inhabitants.
  Plants need to spread and implant their seeds. To achieve this many of them produce fruits. The fruit is there for the taking. It signals when it is ripe and ready by turning an attractive red, orange, yellow or purple. It contains all we need - fiber, vitamins, minerals, and a natural balance of solid and liquids. A selection of fruits will nourish the system, cleaning and purifying at the same time. And it will leave no damaging or clogging residue or deposits.
  That's what fruit does for us. We in turn serve the fruit bush or tree by carrying, spreading and implanting the seeds which are enclosed within the fruit.

  less-killing principle -  If you give your physical body food that represents the "less-killing principle" the most, you will become part of that principle yourself. You really are what you eat!
  One who has developed a LISTENING to his own body and has learned to understand its signals, can consciously handle the problems that arise. If you want harmony in your physical body and in your mind, and want to be happy 24 hours a day and do not want to be a burden to Mother Earth, become a fruitarian!

  Cholesterol is a hard, waxy, fat-soluble (as opposed to water-soluble) substance that is synthesized in all cells of the body, but primarily in the liver. It is part of every cell of the body as a building block of the cell membrane, and it is critically important - so important that Nature has equipped each cell with the means to synthesize its own cholesterol. This cholesterol made by our bodies keeps the membranes of our cells functioning at optimum level.

  The problem-cholesterol is manufactured in the bodies of animals for their needs, but we take it in when we eat these animals as food. When we live on a diet of animal products (meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs), we consume 500 to 100 milligrams of dietary cholesterol a day, most of which cannot be easily removed (excreted) and is, instead, deposited in the tissues of our body, particularly in the arteries, thus in turn contributing to the high rate of cardiovascular disease and other degenerative diseases.
  3 How to Become a Fruitarian.
  I would only add that like anything it seems strange at first, and it is surely best to take it slowly. We began the move from vegetarian to fruitarian four years ago and it took a year to get there!

  Those who live on their own and don't have any friends will have no problem changing their diet.
  For most of us however, eating with families and friends is a daily experience, and we need to consider how best to interact with them so that at the very least we do not cause a lot of inconvenience or appear cranky and antisocial to others. Younger readers especially may find themselves in conflict with their families and friends, putting them under severe pressure to "give up this nonsense and eat sensibly like everybody else".
  Problems with families occur mainly for two reasons. The young fruitarian in the family is a cause either for annoyance (demanding special food) or for concern ("you won't get enough nourishment..."). Whichever is the problem, it has to be properly addressed.

  Sure, when a family eats together, one odd diet can be a nuisance. The way to handle this is first to acknowledge with thanks the time and care which the family cook puts into the daily meals. An important part of maturity is acknowledging and appreciating the work of others, and making sure you give as well as receive. Try to work with the family chef so that everybody gets more salads and fruit options, by integrating these into the daily menus. A little help with the shopping would smooth the path too.
  If the problem is concern, start by appreciating and valuing that concern. Would you rather nobody cared if you lived or died? Probably not. Then try to get your facts clear. Express your strong instincts ("I really feel this is the way I should go"), show how there is a growing trend towards healthier, lighter foods like vegetarian, raw and fruitarian diets. Explain (don't make it too gruesome!) how fats clog the arteries and weigh down the body. Show that you have thought it through and that you are well informed of the issues.
  Something to think about is that you shouldn't eat melons at the same time as other fruits. (They digest very rapidly, and will begin to ferment if held up by other slower-to-digest fruits in your stomach, thus causing a loss of nutrients and digestive discomfort -- Ed.).
Ridgely Abele

  Finally, don't try to convince others. At least not openly anyway! Rather, convince by your clear, informed commitment, and by your own (hopefully!) lighter, healthier appearance and lifestyle.

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